Metr App is probably™️ the most advanced telemetry app for electric skateboards. As amount of features continued to grow over the years the time has come for the proper guide to explain the basics and some hidden secrets in the app.

This guide will be improving over time and hopefully some day will cover everything the app has to offer. Before you start reading there are two very important things you need to know. In order to use it you must have:

If your skateboard has another controller, the app will not work for you. For example Boosted, Evolve, Mellow, Meepo, WowGo, Backfire have another type of controller and are not compatible.


First time setup
Metr Pro firmware

🐣 First time setup

Follow the instructions at

⚙️ Metr Pro firmware

In order to use all applications latest features it is important that your Metr Pro has the latest firmware. You can check it by going to Settings and clicking on the blue gear near the module name.

Click Upgrade and wait until firmware update over BLE is complete.

📈 Realtime

Shows values such as voltage, current, temperature from your VESC at any given time. Each value is displayed in it’s own cell. Following cells are available:

It is possible to arrange/show/hide/resize/recolour cells:

There is an indicator in the bottom which shows currently selected BLE module and connection status, ESC hardware name and firmware version. It blinks every time new packet from VESC is received.

There are 2 Realtime screens available. You can customize any of them.

You can click on small watch icons to select which data will be displayed on the smart watch. Apple watchOS and Android Wear is supported. You can select up to 4 cells.

🐌 Modes

You can setup a number of modes (profiles) to change max speed, acceleration and braking power. The recommended way to create a new mode is to read existing config from VESC and then change values.

To apply a mode, swipe it to the right. The mode will be automatically applied to all VESCs connected via CAN bus

To rename a mode, open it and click on the name

You can also share modes

⏺ Records

Records can be started and stopped automatically (configurable in Settings → Records). If the app is running in the background it will automatically detect selected BLE module, connect to it and start a new record.

To export raw JSON data open your record in the browser and add ?format=json in the address bar.

👤 Account

You can sign in to your account at and view stats and all records for currently selected Metr Pro module. The sign in is done using public key cryptography instead of a password. You need to have active connection to Metr Pro in order to sign in.

🛑 Faults

All faults that happen to VESC while it’s connected to the app are recorded and can be seen in a separate tab

🎓 Expert

Expert is for expert use only. It allowes to change and tweak all possible configuration parameters on VESC. Both motor configuration and app configuration. It automatically detects all VESCs connected via CAN bus so you can switch between them and change settings. There is a super convenient omnibox to easily search what you want to change

It is also possible to do motor detection (both BLDC and FOC) in Expert. Click menu → Detect motor

Metr app fetches motor and app configuration every time connection is made with Metr Pro and saves a backup. To check history of changes click menu → History.

For DieBieMS / FlexiBMS too!

📣 Announcements

Announcements is a very useful feature that literally tells you realtime data without you having to look at it.

You can customize which kind of data you want to hear and how often.

⚙️ Settings

To switch between metric and imperial go to Settings → Miscellaneous

And when viewing a record in a browser

🔢 Overlay

An easy way to add telemetry to your videos. You can film the video with the camera of your choice and record the telemetry data separately with the metr app. Then you combine them together.

Open your record in the browser and add ?format=fit in the address bar. Wait until telemetry file is downloaded

Start GARMIN VIRB® Edit and import your video
Click Import G-Metrix and use the .fit file that you downloaded

🔋 DieBieMS

DieBieMS is a smart BMS (Battery Management System). If you have DieBieMS connected via CAN bus it will be automatically detected in the Metr App (no extra setup is needed). DieBieMS provides such information as individual cell voltages and state of charge / discharge, consumption based battery percent data.

To see individual cell voltages, click Battery percent cell on the Realtime page.

When you plug in the charger, DieBieMS view will automatically open and show charging current / balancing state. Glowing dots on the cells mean they are balancing at the moment.

It is possible to configure DieBieMS through the Metr App. When you open Expert page, DieBieMS shows up and you can read / write settings. This is a quick and convenient way to change some settings when you are on the go and don’t have access to full DieBieMS Tool.

🔋 FlexiBMS

FlexiBMS is similar to DieBieMS except it is a charge-only BMS. Please read the previous section DieBieMS.

🛠 Troubleshooting

A good advice is to search for information on forum and forum. Maybe you will find the solution.

If you didn’t find anything relevant, could be that you found a bug! The bugs are always there🐛 and once in a while a new one pops out. If you want to report it, please collect the log file from the app. Open Settings and click on “Show Logs” button. Send log file toghether with the bug description, screenshots or video. Log file resets every day so don’t forget to collect it after you experienced the problem.

This guide is written in Markdown and is available at

GitHub (contributions welcome) (ask your questions here)